About That Williams News…

The Daily Beast’s Lloyd Grove has alleged insider reaction to today’s Williams news…

“People in the newsroom are furious,” said an NBC News veteran who, like others who reacted to the personnel shuffle, spoke on condition of anonymity. “Everyone in the hallways is very, very upset and depressed about it.”

A second NBC veteran told The Daily Beast: “I have yet to speak to anyone in the news organization who wants Brian back and thinks Brian deserves to be back. He has zero support among the rank and file. I shouldn’t say ‘zero.’ There’s almost no support for him in the newsroom.”

A few more stories like these come out and NBC has a PR crisis on its hands again. And then there’s this…

It wasn’t a deal breaker that he isn’t being named managing editor of Nightly News; according to an NBC source, it was decided, based on the experience with Williams, that the managing editor title—bestowing final authority on the newscast’s content—gives an anchor too much power.

Baloney. How did Williams’ tall tales have anything to do with his Managing Editor role? I suppose you could make the argument that Williams felt omnipotent enough that he could skate by with his tall tales but he was going to feel that way because he was the face of NBC News, regardless of whether he was Managing Editor or not.


9 Responses to “About That Williams News…”

  1. danoregon Says:

    Nice to know that so little was going on in the news today that these people had time to kvetch to each other.

  2. Personally I think the “Managing Editor” is mostly a vanity title like those bestowed on new high profile hires over at CNN. I expect Holt is more concerned about the pay and contract length than his title in his new role. If his ratings stay competitive and people continue to watch he can get the “Managing Editor” title in a year or so.

  3. “Personally I think the “Managing Editor” is…….”

    ^^Sorry. Some of this comment is also in the previous post.

  4. savefarris Says:

  5. I needed a laugh this morning. Thanks farris!

  6. Reliable Sources did three segments on Williams today and Stelter had a couple to news tidbits that were of interest. One his sources say Williams will soon have a show on MSNBC; which is no surprise to anyone paying attention to the story.

    The bigger news, to me at least. was that Chuck Todd is negotiating getting a new show on MSNBC. Tim Russert had a second show on MSNBC when he hosted MTP; so the idea isn’t totally unprecedented. Seeing as MTP is pretty much unwatchable to me, at the moment, this is great news. Todd is much better discussing politics with reporters and pundits in a relaxed atmosphere of the lower profile MSNBC than dealing with talking point spouting politicos on MTP.

    The only other thing was a funny bit between Bill Carter and Stelter where they both complained about the lack of news coverage over at MSNBC (they even referenced the ‘Lockup’ series) and how Williams arrival would improve it. Both seemed oblivious to the point that they were on a network – CNN – that was going out of its way to abandon news coverage completely in favor of reality shows.

  7. savefarris Says:

    “Sun Rises in the East” Dept.:

    President Uses the N-Word. Michael Eric Dyson approves:


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