All Hands On Deck…

Politico’s Dylan Byers writes about how one tiny little GoPro camera sent CNN’s DC Bureau on full alert…

The intern, Walbert Castillo, had been assigned to serve as “a runner,” relaying the court’s opinions from the building to CNN correspondent Ariane de Vogue, who was waiting in the Supreme Court plaza. The process has become known as “the running of the interns,” given the speed and intensity of the running-shoe clad youth.

In addition to his runner duties, Castillo had been asked to wear a GoPro camera to record the event for an episode of CNN’s digital video series, “Being Moody,” hosted by reporter Chris Moody. Castillo kept the GoPro recording while he was in the press room, which was prohibited — the Supreme Court fears that a recording device may pick up audio of a court decision — and was forced to turn it off. Castillo and other interns were then briefly removed from the room.

Meanwhile, back at CNN, Washington bureau chief and SVP Sam Feist convened a meeting of top CNN editors and executives, including deputy bureau chief Virginia Moseley, managing editor Adam Levine, coverage director Laura Bernardini, politics executive editor Rachel Smolkin, politics managing editor Z. Byron Wolf and spokesperson Matt Dornic. The executives and editors called the Supreme Court to apologize, and also called to apologize to de Vogue. At some point, the legal team was also consulted as a cautionary measure, in the event that Castillo had gone rogue and intentionally tried to disobey court rules.

Castillo’s error was, in fact, an accident. At the Supreme Court, he agreed to turn off his GoPro while in the press room and was allowed re-entry. The Supreme Court’s Office of Public Information declined to comment on the matter.


3 Responses to “All Hands On Deck…”

  1. It is another reminder of how the Supreme Court’s lack of transparency is turning into a circus. Plus this wouldn’t be the first time CNN gets its foot stuck in its mouth while trying to be the first to air a decision.

  2. This has NOTHING to do with transparency. This has to do with rules and following them, even for CNN. Somebody at CNN thought they could get away with something and they got caught. You know how seriously CNN “bosses” take these rules by how they responded.

  3. Did you read the article? “Castillo kept the GoPro recording while he was in the press room, which was prohibited…Castillo’s error was, in fact, an accident.”
    He wasn’t trying to get away with it. CNN took it seriously and acted appropriately. But it’s the Supreme Court that doesn’t allow recording devices in the PRESS room. SCOTUS releases some poorly recorded audio of oral arguments. They should provide more A/V records even if it’s some time after the fact.

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