Megyn Kelly Profile…

In one of the best Megyn Kelly profiles I have seen in quite a while, Variety’s Ramin Setoodeh and Brian Steinberg do a deep dive on Kelly…and breaks some news in the process.

Just as TV news personalities are fast becoming an endangered species, Kelly has evolved into the fresh face of Fox News, and her influence in cable news just keeps growing. Although she’s been a staple at the network for a decade, and headlined her own nightly show since 2013, her current show, “The Kelly File” — featuring segments of news analysis, exclusive interviews and lighthearted cultural debates — is a primetime juggernaut.

And now coming on the heels of landing an exclusive interview this summer with TV’s now infamous Duggars family, a scoop that drew 3.1 million viewers in early June, Kelly is wading into Barbara Walters territory.

Her boss, Roger Ailes, reveals that he’s giving his star a series of primetime specials to air on Fox News starting early next year. These one-hour interviews with high-profile subjects in the news, including celebrities and sports figures, will look like her Duggars scoop with TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting” reality stars Jim Bob and Michelle, who broke their silence about reports that their son Josh molested their daughters as a teenager. Kelly believes there’s an opening for this kind of long-form journalism on TV. “Barbara Walters has retired,” Kelly observes. “Diane Sawyer left her anchor role. Oprah has moved to the OWN network and is doing a different thing now. So why not me?” Ailes, CEO of Fox News Channel, is confident that Kelly can handle both breaking news and these more in-depth gets. “Listen, Megyn is so good today that there is no interview I would not want her to do,” Ailes says.


6 Responses to “Megyn Kelly Profile…”

  1. Another “Megyn Kelly’s the greatest” and “she’s tough as nails” story. She must put these people under a spell… Every time I’ve watched, Megyn and right wing pundits just snark and agree with each other. Or she shouts down a left wing pundit.

  2. If Megyn wants to stay in this format, she could do it forever. She’s a rare talent and FNC was lucky to find someone who carry their lineup when/if O’Reilly leaves the air.

    She’d be a star no matter what network she was at. I can’t think of anyone on cable news that comes close to rivaling her talents.

  3. Megyn’s the best propagada artist I’ve ever seen… but she’s far from balanced. Honestly, she’s become the most partisan host on that channel, if not on all of television.

  4. imnotblue Says:

    “…he most partisan host on that channel, if not on all of television.”


    You’re kidding right? Hannity? Maddow? Sharpton? Shultz or O’Donnell?


  5. bonnieux Says:

    Give me a break, Megyn Kelly! Let’s get real .

    MK is full of herself. MK is a propaganda whore for Fox News in the first degree. Why do you all think Mr. Ailes has so must trust in her. She plays by HIS rules and no one else’s.
    It is a shame that the Fox viewers don’t see that.

  6. bonnieux Says:

    How did that Duggar’s interview go for MK? Her interview was panned by all news outlets. Terrible interview . Talk about a failed interview, that was one of them. MK comes over as very cold hearted, full of herself and a know it all. person.

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