Karl Penhaul Dropped By CNN

Rick Sanchez
Octavia Nasr
Jim Clancy

You’d think by now that CNN talent would be well aware of just how itchy a trigger finger CNN management has towards anything controversial being mentioned (unless your name is Don Lemon in which case they turn a blind eye). Apparently that kind of blatantly obvious bit of conventional wisdom was not self-evident for one Karl Penhaul…

n the series of tweets, which appear to have been deleted from Penhaul’s twitter page but were captured by the CNNCommentary blog, Penhaul calls Trump a “racist idiot” and asks his children, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump, Jr., if it’s difficult to have “a racist idiot for a dad.”

A CNN spokesperson tells TVNewser, “Karl Penhaul will no longer be serving in a freelance role for CNN.”


2 Responses to “Karl Penhaul Dropped By CNN”

  1. That’s wonderful news, he can go back to central America reporting on heroine, cocaine, and marijuana then getting high on it after he’s done…lol

  2. he does not even drink alchol ——–lol

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