The Big Picture…

I’m not reading too much into this morning’s story on Dr. Sanjay Gupta operating on someone other than what was originally reported while he was in Nepal.

CNN’s chief medical correspondent and star surgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta is facing criticism for his reporting from Nepal in the aftermath of April’s massive earthquake. “I don’t like to make mistakes,” Gupta told NPR Tuesday night.

But he’s accused of making a mistake: misidentifying a young girl he’d performed surgery on. CNN reported Gupta had performed brain surgery on 8-year-old Salina Dahal, who had been badly injured in the quake. Global Press Journal tracked down the little girl, only to find she had never had surgery of any kind, suffering cuts and bruises and a broken wrist in the earthquake. “Without emergent surgery, she’ll have permanent damage. Or, like so many other earthquake victims, she’ll die,” Gupta reported.

I have no reason not to take Gupta at his word that he really thought he was operating on Dahal. There’s nothing in Gupta’s history to suggest that he’s anything other than a straight shooter…albeit, in this case, one who got this story wrong.

Some people were using some pretty harsh language to describe what Gupta did. Some said he lied. Others made allusions to MSNBC’s resident fabulist Brian Williams.

Both accusations I would consider wildly off the mark. Yes, he got the identities wrong but if you look at the big picture the story really doesn’t change. He didn’t fabricate a scenario out of thin air. He did indeed operate on someone to save their life.

So, barring any new unforeseen revelations, I view this as nothing more than a minor blip on Gupta’s record; one that will eventually recede into the fog of time and be forgotten.


3 Responses to “The Big Picture…”

  1. For a surgeon to not know if he is operating on an 8 YO vs a 14YO is ridiculous. Did he not meet any family members before the surgery? Who gave him permission to operate or even be in the OR? This was just about Sanjay and the “aren’t I wonderful?” meme that has to be fed.

    I don’t forgive as easily as you about this.

  2. “So, barring any new unforeseen revelations, I view this as nothing more than a minor blip on Gupta’s record”

    ^^Totally agree Spud. Much ado about nothing. It still won’t stop right wing ‘haters’ from going after him as if he had done the surgery drunk and killed the girl. 🙂

  3. Yeah, YOU be the parent who has an unauthorized surgeon in the operating room! What the hel* would have happened if something had gone wrong? Just because it’s a third world country you blow this off like it’s no big deal. You are only viewing this thru your first world country eyes, not like a family, ANY FAMILY, anywhere would feel if this had been your child. Parents, EVERYWHERE, deserve respect and Sanjay did not do that.

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