The Hazards of Live TV: #25,141

It’s a two-fer…

This… (If you have Chrome do note what your tab says Mediaite wrote)

During its coverage of the shooting death of four Marines in Chattanooga, Tenn., Fox News falsely reported that an ISIS account had tweeted about the attack just as it was starting.


But that’s because whoever made the screengrab was in a different time zone. Looking at the original tweet while logged into an Eastern time-set account reveals that it was actually made hours after the attack:

I’m a little surprised FNC hasn’t put out a correction by now, if Mediaite has got this timeline thing nailed down cold.

Update (9pm PST): Mediaite still hasn’t updated their story but FNC did subsequently note the timezone discrepancy later on in the 6pm ET hour.

and this

MSNBC terrorism analyst: there’s “no evidence” attacks connected to terrorism.
Honest. He said that.

I am curious about when the analyst said that as that could influence how that statement should be viewed. Though I have to admit that terrorism was the first thing that leapt into my head when I heard about this.


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