New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman writes about Donald Trump, Roger Ailes, and Rupert Murdoch…

One reason Murdoch is taking to social media and deploying his publishing properties to attack Trump may be the simple fact that he hasn’t been able to control his most powerful media organ: Fox News. According to sources, Murdoch has tried — and failed — to rein in Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, who, insiders say, is pushing Fox to defend Trump’s most outlandish comments. This week, Ailes told his senior executives during a meeting that Murdoch recently called him and asked if Fox could “back off the Trump coverage,” a source told me. Ailes is said to have boasted to his executives that he told Murdoch he was covering Trump “the way he wanted to.” The implication was that he wasn’t going to budge.

And then there’s this…

It’s understandable that Murdoch would be frustrated. Fox News has been a ringleader of the Trump circus. Shortly after Trump jumped into the race, he had a “2-to-3 hour” private lunch with Ailes, sources told me. Last month, Fox gave Trump more airtime than any other candidate. And, according to sources, the channel’s personalities are taking an active role in aiding Trump, both on- and off-camera. One source explained that Ailes has instructed The Five co-host Eric Bolling to defend Trump on air. A review of Bolling’s comments shows that over the past week, he’s gone to bat for Trump numerous times. Last Friday, for example, Bolling complained that conservatives shouldn’t be criticizing the real-estate mogul. “There’s a problem in America, and it’s not Donald Trump,” Bolling declared. He continued to make pro-Trump arguments on Monday and Tuesday’s shows. Another Trump ally is Fox political analyst and pollster Pat Caddell. According to a source with direct knowledge, Caddell has been speaking to Trump “almost every day” about his campaign. “Everything coming out of Trump’s mouth sounds like Pat,” the source said. This morning, Fox & Friends — a show that is used by Ailes to inject his point of view into debates — ran a fawning interview with Trump. At one point in the conversation, co-host Steve Doocy gushed that “someone told me yesterday Donald Trump is like a Navy SEAL.” For his part, Trump has been grateful for the Fox Friends support. Yesterday, at a campaign event in South Carolina where he gave out Lindsey Graham’s personal cell-phone number, Trump heaped praise on Fox & Friends’ Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. “They’re great people,” he said.


2 Responses to “Trump-mania”

  1. “Last month, Fox gave Trump more airtime than any other candidate.”

    ^^As did every other news net.

    “Ailes has instructed The Five co-host Eric Bolling to defend Trump on air.”

    ^^Seriously? No one has to tell Bolling or any of the other host at FNC they should defend Trump on air. It’s what they want to do anyway.

    Whether FNC/Ailes is the puppet master behind Trump and his explosion in the polls is certainly debatable. I think Trump is his own puppet master and he is playing FNC just like he’s playing RNC and his co-candidates for POTUS on the Republican side.

    The idea that FNC changed the debate rules (they now need to have filed a financial statement) to block Trump is a joke. Ailes knew Trump would have no problem with that “hurdle” and was just trying to placate the RNC and other players in the field who are at a loss as to how to stop Trump.

    And the idea that attacking Mexicans, McCain or his fellow POTUS wannabes is a mistake that will cause Trumps downfall misreads who makes up his audience. It’s not conservative Republicans, veterans or evangelicals. It’s Rush Limbaugh’s audience; the angry at everyone , get off my lawn crowd who hates not only Washington politicians but Government as a institution.

    When Trumps run as a Republican finishes, some months down the road, expect him to run as a independent and thus giving the election to Hillary. He won’t care who wins in the end because this is all about Trumps own self promotion and not who wins the election. He knows whomever wins, Democrat or Republican will do a reasonable job and the country will move on.

  2. Longing for the day when El Trumpo exists as the BIG LOSER.

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