Roger Ailes Shoots Down Gabriel Sherman…

Well…not literally…but figuratively. The Hollywood Reporter’s Paul Bond has Ailes talking about the Trump thing…

“My relationship with Rupert has never been better — I talked to him three times today, and none of the conversations involved Donald Trump or the New York Times,” Ailes tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Your move Mr. Sherman.


3 Responses to “Roger Ailes Shoots Down Gabriel Sherman…”

  1. therealroyalking Says:

    Why does Ailes always feel it necessary to say his relationship has never been better with Rupert? It has to make one wonder just how good that relationship is.

  2. Hard to tell of Gabriel Sherman’s source are reliable.

    But his assertions about Steve Doocy and Eric Bolling do seem to have some level of believability given that I cannot name anyone else on cable news who is more pro Donald Trump than these two.

    Of course, they certainly have every right to offer their opinions and it does not necessarily mean they are marching to orders from Mr. Ailes.

    But it does give you pause.

  3. *Hard to tell if Gabriel Sherman’s sources are reliable.

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