John Vause Departing Atlanta…For L.A.?

CNN Commentary scoops that CNNI’s John Vause is headed to LA for a new show…

Current CNN Newsroom anchor John Vause is set to relocate to CNN’s Los Angeles bureau and anchor a revised simulcast show from the newly renovated studio to air on both CNN Domestic and CNN International, according to sources.

His new co-anchor will be Isha Sesay, who currently anchors NewsCenter from Atlanta. It’s unclear at this point whether Sesay will be relocating to Los Angeles as well, or remaining in Atlanta.

Lots of questions here…

1) Why is CNN going to broadcast out of Los Angeles? What does it gain by doing so?

2) Assuming Sesay stays in Atlanta, which is probably a good bet based on the likelihood that CNN would move two anchors to L.A. when just the idea of one going to L.A. is…well…strange on its face, when will the show air? If my timezone math is correct, Sesay’s CNNI show airs during Brooke Baldwin’s shift so it seems unfathomable that CNN would choose to take that hour to simulcast CNNI and CNN Domestic. CNNI’s World Business Today airs during Carol Costello’s second hour so that would seem to be an unlikely destination as well unless CNNI moves or cancels WBT outright.

Assuming this show won’t air in primetime, the most likely “available” timeslot on CNN Domestic’s schedule would seem to be 9am ET, Costello’s first hour. But that doesn’t make a lot of sense either. It is the first hour of CNN Newsroom and we have to assume that whatever the format of this new show will be it’s going to be different from the Newsroom format because it makes no sense to send Vause out to L.A. and have Sesay in Atlanta to do what can be done better from New York (after all Zucker moved his dayside anchors to NYC precisely because he wanted them to have better access to guests than they would have had in Atlanta…and sure as heck wouldn’t have in L.A.).

We could probably drive ourselves crazy trying to figure this out at this point. Probably best to just wait and see what happens.

Update: CNN Commentary apparently forgot to mention when this is scheduled to air. Uh…helloooo McFlyyyy? It’s for the overnight hours. So that answers that. It doesn’t answer why L.A.?


3 Responses to “John Vause Departing Atlanta…For L.A.?”

  1. Having no knowledge of CNNi’s schedule, my first thought was it would air immediately following Don Lemon’s CNN Tonight. That would be the only reason an anchor moving to LA makes sense… in an attempt to appeal to the western audience that is still in the middle of primetime. I have no idea what airs on CNNi during this normal time though.

  2. Usually CNNi airs taped originals during the 11PM ET hour before the overnight Newsroom block from 12-4AM ET. Perhaps, this would be bumping that slot

  3. harry1420 Says:

    I think CNN should utilize all its bureaus instead of just using Atlanta (does it anymore) and New York. Doesn’t matter I don’t guess since they are all equipped with cameras. What sucks is CNN has journalists all over the world but yet we are stuck watching and hearing about the same 1 story for weeks and weeks and weeks. Be a true 24 hour news channel.

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