The End of “MSNBC”?

The New York Daily News’ Don Kaplan is reporting that yesterday’s MSNBC town hall meeting included a very interesting tidbit… (via Newscast Studio)

“Andy said he’s contemplating a name change because Microsoft is no longer a part of the channel — and hasn’t been for a long time,” an MSNBC staffer who was at the meeting told the Daily News.

“He asked for a show of hands,” of people who thought it was a good idea, the source said. “No one raised their hands and he moved on pretty quickly.”

Changing network names is not a cheap proposition and one not taken lightly.


5 Responses to “The End of “MSNBC”?”

  1. Grandpa Dave Says:

    I would guess MicroSoft would contribute a few dollars to help with the name change.

  2. I think it’d prolly be a good idea. With a new name, they could start rebranding

  3. imnotblue Says:

    The problem might be if they try to go with something like, “NBC News.”

    Having political advocacy programming even more closely associated with your (allegedly) unbiased primary brand would be a big mistake, IMO.

    If true, they would have to move away from “NBC” as best they can.

  4. Thought I read they were going to go more hard news and pull some of the opinion stuff that just not working

  5. I truly enjoy some of the MSNBC shows (particularly Rachel Maddow & Chris Hayes but it would be much better if they concentrated on real news a la CNN during the day and dropped all the Prison crud in favor of some original documentaries or specialty shows. For all of the years I’ve been watching, there just doesn’t seem to be all that much money in actual news coverage which basically amounts to one person with a camera/cell phone.

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