Vause and Sesay to L.A. For CNNI

TVNewser’s Brian Flood has more details on John Vause’s move to Los Angeles. Vause and Isha Sesay are both going to L.A. where they get a brand news studio.

Here’s the part of the story that makes no sense…

The CNN International program will air overnights 12-2 a.m. ET, which is an important time block for Asia Pacific timing/programming. The show will also simulcast on CNN domestic.

There are a couple of reasons why I find the above justification lacking in sense…

Vause is already anchoring that shift. He’s just doing it from Atlanta. What does CNN gain by moving Vause and Sesay out to the West Coast? I mean what does the Asia-Pacific gain by that move? Asia-Pacific news coming out of one spot clear across the Pacific Ocean from the Asia Pacific region is more relevant than if it comes out of another spot even further clear across the Pacific Ocean? Riiiiiiiight.

12am-2am ET is an important time block for Atlanta…it’s 12pm-2pm in Hong Kong; the middle of the day. Yeah, that’s an important time slot for the Asia Pacific. In fact it’s so important that this move suggests how little CNN finds it as important. For if it were truly important to have coverage available for the Asia Pacific at that hour it should be anchoring that coverage from the Asia Pacific. That 12-2 ET timeslot is not beaming out over the Atlantic. In Europe that’s 4-6am and at that time CNNI is broadcasting a mix of tape repeats and News/World Sport.

CNN has studios in Hong Kong, but it has been dialing back its presence there for a while now. Heck, it let her go which should tell you a lot about how CNN views Asia-Pacific.

I think there are other unspoken reasons for why this move is taking place. Better late night coverage for the U.S. since it’s only 9-11pm PST out here? The first step in moving Asia-Pacific coverage more stateside? Unknown labor issues in Atlanta that make a late night move to California more palatable? Something else?

Whatever it is, it sure as heck isn’t really about the Asia-Pacific, because you don’t make that move if it was.

2 Responses to “Vause and Sesay to L.A. For CNNI”

  1. Agreed. It is likely all about the West Coast market. I think the CNNi simulcast is smart.

  2. […] CNN Domestic had already stopped simulcasting it…after launching it three years ago with much fanfare as an important link to Asia Pacific. My how things change quickly. With CNNI/Domestic pulling out […]

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