The Anchor Position of Silence…

Mediaite’s Andrew Kirell writes about Brian Williams’ alleged new digs…

According to network insiders, construction will begin this weekend on a brand-new set for Williams. But this is no glamorous Nightly News-like set: Our sources say it will be a fully-exposed glass enclosure in the middle of the newsroom, among the booking staff.

Like any newsroom, the MSNBC booking section is noisy, and our sources say the set will not be sound-proof. This represents a drastic change from his Nightly News set, which we are told had to be cleared — at Williams’ behest — of extraneous stage hands and crew members because it was too “noisy” and “distracting.”

Not only does such a situation represent an obvious demotion for Williams, but our sources say staffers have been comparing the enclosure to a “war crimes trial”-like booth — most famously, the one used during the 1961 trial against Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann.

I can think of a better analogy…


One Response to “The Anchor Position of Silence…”

  1. Shep got a whole deck, BriWI gets a cage

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