The “New” MSNBC…

The LA Times’ Stephen Battaglio writes about the newly revamped MSNBC, set to debut tomorrow…and Brian Williams later on…

NBC News executives believe they have a window of opportunity through 2016 to put MSNBC on a new track. Over that time, news junkies are bound to be transfixed by a presidential election with no incumbent and an eclectic array of candidates. That includes a wildly unpredictable outsider in billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump, the current leader in the Republican polls, who is capable of launching a campaign outside of the two-party system.

Despite its ratings woes, MSNBC remains a highly profitable operation thanks to the subscriber fees it takes in from cable and satellite operators. In its early days, MSNBC gave NBC News anchors and journalists added exposure, enabling it to gain an advantage on its broadcast competitors and helping to develop a deep bench of new talent. Four of the current “Today” show co-hosts, including Savannah Guthrie, came up through MSNBC.

Now NBC News franchises such as “Today,” “NBC Nightly News” and “Meet the Press” are in a dogfight to retain their ratings supremacy. Getting additional exposure on MSNBC could help them again, Klein said.

“When they first went and split [NBC News and MSNBC] and let MSNBC get into liberal opinion, they had the luxury of a news brand that was riding high,” he said. “Now they need to consolidate.”


7 Responses to “The “New” MSNBC…”

  1. I used to watch MSNBC when it had news. Now the credible news members (Jansing, Holt, Robach, Morales) are all gone. Tamron Hall and Thomas Roberts aren’t going to cut it. Chuck Todd seems to be the only reason to watch so far, but even that isn’t too enticing.

  2. Tamron Hall is awful. Thomas Roberts, Frances Rivera, Brian Williams and Richard Lui will be fine.

    Chuck Todd? I’ll pass. Don’t care about a Beltway insiders program.

  3. The “New” MSNBC looks a lot like the MSNBC of last week. Just, without Abby Huntsman and Krystal Ball. Bro Russert anchoring now. Jonathan Capehart at 5pm. “News” coverage branded as “Lean Forward”.

  4. Well I guess I now am giving up on MSNBC. Guess now local, Algerza and free speech. Chuck Todd should be the one who is gone. But I guess he follows the corporations line. Comcast is the second biggest media plague with the other one the entertainment channel FOX

  5. Reading news is a good way to go. Just be sure to read various sources to keep your knowledge as well rounded as possible.

  6. Deborah Gostin Says:

    I didn’t watch the new line-up, not interested!!! Nice way to start looking/sounding like any standard news station we can all watch locally. Boring… you blew it folks. Chuck Todd? Really?

  7. MSNBC The only way to describ this network “WORTHLESS AND AWFUL” These changes are and were desperately necessary as Joy Ried is no doubt the worst anti- white racist host ever on television.Her comparrison of Donald trump to Archie Bunker was really beyond the pale so lets all rejoice she is gone but she still appears on other Griffin programs. Ed Shultz the “OLD GAS BAG” is out and good for MSNBC to finally realize he was as goofy in his thinking as anyone to ever host a program. Still need more changes get rid of Lawrence O’donnell he is as sickening a human being as one could be, and Maddow needs to have her program moved to 1:00 in the morning PST as the LGBT group is just getting out of the bars and they can rush home and watch all her stupidity and for last you asinine management and yes that includes Andy Lack get rid of Griffin ASAP and jsut start over NOW

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