Meet The New Boss…Same As The Old Boss?

Today MSNBC’s 3-6 news block debuted (Note: the 5 is going to Chuck Todd soon enough). It was Luke Russert at 3 and Ayman Mohyeldin at 4. So far so good.

But then the 5 came along with Jonathan Capehart anchoring a straight newscast. Capehart may be an accomplished editor but his current roles of being on the Washington Post Editorial Board and as a POV contributor for MSNBC should have precluded his selection. Here is MSNBC trying to do a reset back to news and on its first day of the new schedule it throws an opinion person into the newscast.

Programs come and they go. So does talent. But some things, it seems, never change…at least not for Phil Griffin. He’s still clinging to POV blending with news apparently.

15 Responses to “Meet The New Boss…Same As The Old Boss?”

  1. Grandpa Dave Says:

    This whole change seems like it was rushed. The permanent anchors for that block weren’t ready, or maybe not firmed up, yet the old anchors were given walking papers. Those we saw Monday seemed to be anyone who was available for those hours and could read a teleprompter.

  2. Good post Dave.

    And I thought it was ABC’s “The View” who in recent years was leading the way in making some of the oddest choices to become a host (actually co-host).

    Was the terminally boring Willie Geist not available? /sarc

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  4. Am I dreaming or is Michael Eric Dyson hosting right now at 5 PM? He just finished guest-hosting The Ed Show on Friday. The Ed Show, the most of POV show of all POV shows. And now he’s on the so-called “news” hour? Amazing.

  5. MSNBC doesn’t care if there are liberal folks reading the news. Instead of what they are doing why don’t they bring on great local news anchors for the few weeks they need to cover until fair & balanced BriWi is ready?

  6. Does everyone realize that Chuck Todd is taking over 5pm and he’s not going to be doing general news? Who cares if someone else is doing a politics show until Chucky takes over? It’s not going to be news at 5pm.

  7. […] ready to re-join the Lean Forward crowd just yet, so they’re rotating people. Monday it was opinionizer Jonathan Capehart, and today we got Michael Eric Dyson. Wait, didn’t he just fill in for Ed Schultz? Oh, […]

  8. icemannyr Says:

    Does anyone have a problem with Harris Faulkner giving her conservative opinions on “Outnumbered” then anchoring Sundays FOX Report and subbing for Shepard Smith?

    Because if you have a problem with MSNBC having liberal biased news anchors you should also have a problem with FNC’s anchors having a conservative bias.

  9. No one has a problem with Faulkner, MacCallum, or others on Fox who pretend to be objective giving opinions because Fox is special and above criticism.

  10. Outsider and icemannyr: you said it! IOKIYAR…remember that one?

  11. This is something I’ve never heard before: “it’s not going to be news” because it’s politics? Since when is politics NOT news? Leave aside the fact that MSNBC has said 3-6pm is going to be “news” and explain why you would insist on a non-partisan impartial journalist to cover a flood or the debut of a new iphone, but then you can throw an ideologue into the anchor chair if you’re covering politics. Common sense tells me that politics MORE than general news demands an anchor who’s not a partisan activist for one side or the other.

    Either it’s news or it’s opinion. Right now it’s clearly opinion, from the people hosting it to the balance of the guests. And that’s contrary top what MSNBC has been saying. ICN got this exactly right.

  12. Put Brian Williams on already.

  13. Facts: MSNBC has never said they’re doing away with progressive opinion and only doing hard news. In fact, part of the reason MSNBC is declining is because it’s boring, NOT because it’s progressive. They got rid of Keith Olbermann, put a leash on Lawrence O’Donnell and brought in a bunch of Rachel Maddow clones (Chris Hayes, Alex Wagner, Ari Melber, Steve Kornacki, Melissa Harris-Perry and Krystal Ball).

    Spud nailed it in a different post. Fox News is conservative opinion with a little bit of news, but all their shows are different in style. MSNBC became the same thing. Hours and hours and hours of boredom. Putting Chris Hayes on primetime compounded these issues, because they ended up with three consecutive hours of the same exact thing.

    We know Chuck Todd is getting 5pm. We know Keith OIlbermann might possibly return to MSNBC. And we know that Brian Williams might anchor an hour (maybe two) of news on weekdays (and we don’t even know that).

  14. Since when is politics NOT news?

    It’s news when (some) political events happen to make news. It’s not news when it’s covered they way cable news channels usually cover it which is to look at the horserace and spend most of the time featuring guests with vested interests in the outcome giving their all to predictable views. That’s not news. That’s political entertainment.

  15. OR

    “Because if you have a problem with Fox having conservative biased news anchors you should also have a problem with MSNBC anchors having a liberal bias.”

    Only of course those complaining about FOX DON’T!

    IMHO…..NO News anchors should go on other shows and give a personal opinion……but they ALL do it anymore……from Williams on the late shows to Harris on Outnumbered………….so I’m fine as long as they don’t give personal opinions on the NEWS shows………the problem I have is with the haters who ONLY care about Fox…… CNN and MSNBC don’t exist………if its fine for them its fine for all.

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