FNC GOP Debate: Your Reactions…

Post your reactions to tonight’s GOP debate(s) on FNC and the coverage thereof here…


3 Responses to “FNC GOP Debate: Your Reactions…”

  1. Grandpa Dave Says:

    Overall, very well done. The moderators each had their own style which kept things from becoming a echo chamber. Also, they kept it from becoming “Celebrity Candidate” which I had feared might happen with someone like Trump. I won’t comment on the candidates or who won; this isn’t a political blog.

    The roughest part was the 8:50pm prelude and the awkward transition to the clean open at the top of the hour. I can’t figure out what was the point of that. Also the close seemed chaotic, as though the moderators and/or director weren’t sure if they were still on the air.

  2. I flipped back and forth between the debate and baseball. From what I saw, including clips after it was over, etc., it looks like FNC knocked it out of the park…per usual.

  3. Grandpa: yeah, that opening was truly awful. Can’t figure out reason for that.

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