Behind the Scenes in the Trump/FNC Skirmish

In your must read for the day, CNN’s Brian Stelter writes in great detail about the back and forth between the Trump camp and FNC after last Thursday’s debate. Read it for what it is…a very detailed backgrounder…but also read it for what it also is…a rebuttal to Gabriel Sherman’s article on the fracas.

Trump’s assertion, bright and early Monday on “Morning Joe,” that Kelly should apologize made his supporters happy, but made Ailes exceedingly unhappy.

On the ensuing phone call, there was “very blunt” talk from both sides, including Ailes’ warning of war, two of the sources said.

But the talk didn’t last very long. There was an “instant understanding between two titans that this was over,” one of the sources said. Trump wouldn’t apologize, Kelly wouldn’t apologize, but both sides would move on.

Trump tweeted about the phone call right afterward and said he’d been assured that “‘Trump’ will be treated fairly” by Fox.

The sources for this story contradicted New York magazine’s assertion that Ailes called Trump repeatedly and “begged” the candidate to tweet that they’d settled their feud. “Neither of them would beg for anything,” one of the sources said.

Of the two stories, I find Stelter’s the far more likely outcome. I could never believe that Ailes would beg to end this. It’s not in his nature. And, though I have not mentioned this previously, I thought this from Sherman’s story was ridiculous…

Donald Trump, who has the full backing of Fox’s misogynist audience,

There was absolutely no justification for that characterization. You could say many things about FNC’s audience, just as you could about CNN’s and MSNBC’s audiences. But calling it misogynistic was stupid. Even from a purely scientific point of view it was un-prooveable to make such a claim.

For me, Sherman was for years a must read writer for his behind the scenes material. But stuff like this has tainted his work regarding FNC of late. If he keeps going in this direction I fear I’m going to start sliding into this guy’s camp.

12 Responses to “Behind the Scenes in the Trump/FNC Skirmish”

  1. […] the two stories, I find Stelter’s the far more likely […]

  2. therealroyalking Says:

    Not in Ailes’ character? Seriously? His character never reached beyond the second digit after a decimal point. OItherwise, he would have never gone to such great lengths to quash discussion about all of O’Reilly’s manifold sins and omissions and to ride majestically to the defense of such a sociopath.

  3. bushleaguer Says:

    If Stelter’s version is indeed true, it doesn’t speak well for the head of Fox News to warn Trump that the network would “go to war” against him regardless of what Trump said about one of Fox’s anchors/debate moderators. I’m not defending Trump’s comments about Megyn Kelly but a news network isn’t supposed to be used as a weapon against any Presidential candidate. If Fox wants to claim the high ground over the likes of MSNBC then it shouldn’t threaten “war” when one of it’s anchors is disrespected.

  4. I’m not familiar with Sherman’s previous work but I’m familiar with his borderline insane assertions regarding Fox as of late. All of which I’ve seen, have proven to be untrue.

    New guy calls O’Reilly sociopath. LOL.

  5. Actually not a lot of Sherman’s recent stuff has PROVEN to be untrue. But there were a few things in this last story that weren’t.

  6. The fundamentals of both stories are the same. Trump attacked Kelly, Fox News got scared of Trump and caved. And Trump supporters continue to attack Megyn Kelly.

  7. But Trump is still being hammered hard by Fox commentators/analysts during their opinion broadcasts or segments. Krauthammer et al. haven’t let up a bit; in fact, they’ve gotten harsher.

    Anyone who thinks Fox speaks with one voice when it comes to all things Donald isn’t watching it.

  8. But, now because of the Trump thing Megyn is on an “unexpected” vacation. Good golly, we have turned into a most unserious nation.

  9. I was speaking about what Stelter (of all people) refuted and the weird Guiliani stuff.

  10. erich/pam:

    As you know, the Fox Haters Club, will cling to any and all conspiracy theories regarding FNC because they desperately want them to be true. It’s what they live for.

  11. It’s been pretty clear from the start that the so-called Republican Establishment is against Trump and find his support inexplicable if not horrifying if not terrifying.

    So much for the “Ailes is in the pocket of the GOP” or “the GOP is in the pocket of Ailes.” Both have their own interests; sometimes they match, sometimes they don’t.

    It seems to me that it’s a bit more complicated than the Fox critics seem to understand.

    One more: I wonder what those who have supported the executive branch power grabs by President Obama will have to say if (when?) a President Trump uses that same authority? Kinda’ scary, no?

  12. Kinda scary? Yes, yes, yes, & yes!

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