Damage Control…

Forbes’ Mfonobong Nsehe writes about CNNI toppo Tony Maddox travelling to Kenya to fall on his sword for his network calling the African nation a hotbed of terror. Note to those still arguing over who caved in the Trump/FNC mess: THIS is begging…

But the Kenyan government took a more serious approach towards reprimanding CNN. Two weeks ago, the Kenyan Tourism Board, a state agency whose mission is to drive and support the effective marketing of Kenya’s tourism products, said it was withdrawing advertising from the network in reaction to the “misrepresentation of the country’s status.”

But on Thursday, Tony Maddox, CNN’s global Executive Vice President and Managing Director, who oversees CNN’s global editorial policy, flew all the way from Atlanta to Nairobi to personally apologize to President Uhuru Kenyatta and Kenyans.

At a meeting in the State House in Nairobi, Maddox admitted that CNN’s description of Kenya as a “hotbed of terror” was both undeserved and ill-conceived.

“We acknowledge there is a widespread feeling that the report annoyed many, which is why we pulled down the report as soon as we noticed. It wasn’t a deliberate attempt to portray Kenya negatively, it is regrettable and we shouldn’t have done it. There is a world at a war with extremists; we know what a hotbed of terror looks like, and Kenya isn’t one,” Maddox said.


2 Responses to “Damage Control…”

  1. The screen caps show only CNN/US used the ignorant label. I haven’t seen one with CNNi using it.
    There’s nothing surprising about any of this. This is how things work when you have to please advertisers. There’s a reason why public broadcasters outside America provide better quality news reporting, usually.

  2. A couple of unrelated comments as there is no free for all lately.

    1st.) I saw MTP this weekend, after a long break from watching, and noted some good changes that have improved the show enough to make me watch again if they are permanent.

    1) The panel is now made up of journalists and not pundits. This is how it should be as the show is called ‘Meet the Press” not “Meet the Pundits”.

    2) The gimmicks are gone. The mini desks, breakfast nooks, and interactive monitors were not used and that’s a good thing.

    3) The two interviews were tough, actually had follow-up questions. and were not the usual matched set of opposing politicos giving dueling talking points.

    Hopefully this is a trend and not an anomaly.

    2nd. Dana Bash gets named “Chief Political Correspondent” at CNN. Yet another meaningless title from the network where every reporter is a chief something or other.

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