CNN Must Clarify Its Airing of WDBJ Shooting Video…

CNNMoney’s Ahiza Garcia and Frank Pallotta write about how the media handled the WDBJ shooting videos…

CNN’s guidelines for TV restricted airing of the footage to once an hour. It could not be played in a loop and had to be preceded by a warning to viewers. Around 2 p.m. CNN decided to stop the footage right before the gunshots and screams.

CNN owes its audience an explanation for the change of heart. If CNN’s guidelines for TV allowed the full video to be aired, a decision I found to be highly questionable, then what changed to cause the network to stop airing the full video? If the guidelines allowed it to be aired in full in the first place then it should have continued to air it uncut. If the network then decided that it shouldn’t continue to be aired uncut, it needs to explain what factors overruled its own guidlines. Lastly, if suitability was the reason for the change in putting the video out uncut, CNN needs to re-examine its guidelines because if airing of the video in full became questionable then the original decision to air it uncut itself becomes questionable.

3 Responses to “CNN Must Clarify Its Airing of WDBJ Shooting Video…”

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  2. bushleaguer Says:

    They probably saw that the other networks weren’t airing it and were proclaiming the high ground while doing so (WE won’t be airing the graphic footage) and they decided to stop. Why they would think it was okay to begin with is indeed a mystery.

  3. CNN was getting ripped by other journalists for constantly showing the video. At the same time, the other networks were making it a point not to show it.

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