Kate Snow to MSNBC?

Politico’s Mike Allen Mediate’s Joe Concha scoops that Kate Snow may get a big role on MSNBC. I think Concha overstates things a bit but the sentiment is well well founded. Snow would be a good choice to come on to MSNBC. I never understood why she jumped to NBC in the first place. She had the better higher profile gig at ABC at the time she left.

Regarding filling the aforementioned void, a well-placed source informs me that the network is eyeing Kate Snow of NBC News to play a bigger role in MSNBC’s revised daytime lineup. According to the same source, NBC News President Andy Lack is also looking for Tamron Hall, Andrea Mitchell and Thomas Roberts to expand their existing roles as well. But the Snow aspect is the key nugget to focus on here, as she comes from the Mothership with arguably the deepest resume you’ll see when stacking it up against others in cable news:

For starters, Snow knows the political landscape, have covered four presidential elections, Congress and the White House. She’s been a national correspondent for NBC News since 2010, packaging a wide range of stories for The NBC Nightly News and Dateline. Prior to joining the Peacock, the Cornell and Georgetown grad anchored the weekend edition of ABC’s Good Morning America. Before that, she was ABC’s White House correspondent. And prior to that, she was a Congressional Correspondent for CNN. And she’s built this entire LinkedIn page before the age of 46.


2 Responses to “Kate Snow to MSNBC?”

  1. I like this move. I hope it happens.

  2. Spud:
    Your Concha link doesn’t work.

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