Clearing the Air On Megyn Kelly, FNC, CNN, and Gabriel Sherman…

I really wanted to avoid this but there’s an internet meme that’s taking shape here and it’s wildly inaccurate…and needs to be squashed bad.

For some reason, which I just cannot understand based on the available evidence. A set of articles came out saying that Megyn Kelly was doing one of the following…

1) Leaving FNC.
2) Possibly Leaving FNC for CNN.
3) Eyeing CNN.

The source for these articles came from comments Gabriel Sherman made on Newsmax TV about the Trump/Kelly fracas. Johnny Dollar picked up on it and used another blog which took quite a few shots at Sherman as his rebuttal.

This is a real mess. The truth is hopelessly floundering in a sea of innuendo and bad analysis. So let’s try to rescue it before it drowns completely.

First of all, most of the blame for this mess can be laid on the doorsteps of the articles that wrote up Sherman’s comments. These articles border on idiotic in their inaccurate headlines and lousy analysis.

Most of what Sherman said was either already public knowledge or statements of fact. To wit…

– Kelly did get pursued by CNN. She didn’t bite. The articles make it sound like she was thinking of joining CNN when Sherman never stated any such thing.

– Kelly is definitely looking to build upon her FNC presence in more of a “mainstream” way. That’s been documented.

So there’s really not much new to what Sherman said. Even the part about FNC getting Kelly hate comments in the aftermath of her questioning of Trump is more true than not true. Yet these article make this out to be some new revelation, when it is anything but.

I have been less than thrilled with some of the things Sherman has written of late regarding FNC. But I’m going to defend the guy when people start ascrbing things to him that are provably not true. If you are going to quote Sherman, quote him. Don’t extrapolate.


3 Responses to “Clearing the Air On Megyn Kelly, FNC, CNN, and Gabriel Sherman…”

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  2. While the US media pre-occupy themselves with this and Trump’s circus, there are many conflicts in the Middle East still unresolved (some started by the US) and a refugee crisis putting Europe, Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan at a breaking point. Many in Europe are starting to see this as America’s fault and question why they (the Europeans) have to deal with the consequences.

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