MSNBC Changes

Mediaite’s Joe Concha has more information on changes to MSNBC’s lineup beyond the Kate Snow to MSNBC scoop (Concha says she’s getting the 3-5 block) he broke last week…

Also of major note, Morning Joe will be expanded to a four-hour program (it’s currently three). Starting soon, the political roundtable show can be seen from 6 a.m. ET until 10. Note: With the 2016 race heating up, and the great political theater that has come with it and only promises to continue, it only makes sense to expand the network’s editorial page in the morning.

One notable causality to emerge from these moves is current 9-11 a.m. anchor José Díaz-Balart. With Morning Joe going to 10 a.m., Tamron Hall will then take over the 10-12 noon slot, thereby leaving Mr. Díaz-Balart as the odd man out.

Andrew Lack and MSNBC are apparently out of ideas. Morning Joe to four hours makes no sense at all. If it was performing well, as opposed to getting beat by New Day like it is now, I could maybe see an argument for it. But it isn’t. It’s lagging. There is no reason to add a fourth hour to a show that isn’t doing well with 3. Sorry Joe. I like you but you haven’t earned this.

Expanding Hall’s block by an hour would normally make sense to me but not the way it’s being done. They’re having her start at 10. Hall already co-anchors Today from 9-10. How is she going to transition from one show to another (on a different floor) in mere minutes? Theoretically I suppose it is technically feasible without altering anything but realistically the only way this would functionally work is if they scaled back Hall’s appearance time on Today. If I’m Hall I’m not happy with that possibility.

Even then, when is she supposed to prep for her show on MSNBC? During Today show commercial breaks? I know staff meetings happen hours earlier but do you really want your anchor essentially out of the loop on what’s going on for longer than an hour…the hour before her MSNBC show starts. That’s what MSNBC is basically signing up for. Can you imagine the crash prep that’s going to take place as Hall runs from the ground floor at 30 Rock to the 3rd floor where MSNBC is? This is really hinkey.

Both of these moves look ridiculously forced and the reason is probably what Concha touched upon…Jose Diaz-Balart seems to be out of a job at MSNBC. These moves seem to be more about getting him off the air and filling that space with whatever’s available than it does about the suitability of either of these moves. Like I said, it appears they’ve run out of ideas…


8 Responses to “MSNBC Changes”

  1. MJ as 4 hours is waaaay too much. They have the same guests on very frequently. Now, if they expanded the roster of guests yo include more Repubs who aren’t afraid of having a dust-up, that would be great.

  2. For being at a relative non entity, Concha is doing a hell of a job of getting some scoops.

  3. Not a fan of either move.

  4. Extending MJ to 4 hours doesn’t necessarily mean they will be doing 4 hours of live TV. They already do a lot of second viewings of earlier segments. I expect that will increase with 4 hours of time to fill.

    I am very happy to see the departure of J D-B. I never liked his shtick and will be more than happy to see him depart.

    I have no opinion on Tamron Hall’s problems as I look at her as just another competent newsreader and whether she has one or two hours or someone else reads the prompter for an hour matters little to me.

    Kate Snow is a good reporter but why she got the gig over any of the other reporters available on staff escapes me.

  5. As a previously loyal viewer of MSNBC I’d say they’re doing a great job of making a MESS of what was a REALLY GREAT cable news station. Taking out such excellent people as Alex Wagner and Ed Schultz – and the Cycle Quarter – is ridiculous – offensive! These people were so GOOD.
    Chris Hayes is superb as is Steve Kornacki – and of course Rachel – AND Lawrence O’Donnell. That is a great group – a great lineup – and they are IDIOTS to mess with it!! Don’t they understand that things cycle around? Surely there will be much more really interesting, discuss-able news – so it’s very short-sighted and foolish to be letting this fabulous talent go. And watch how they jump on the “junk” bandwagon – dwelling on any news with “sensational” qualities to it – what a bore! They just sit on that stuff, for hours and hours – as though it’s significant! Sad to see what was a GREAT station go down the tube, badly. What a pity – but count me out! And frankly, I’m quite sick of Morning Joe – I can’t stand the way he piles on with anti-Hillary garbage. It’s disgusting and very tiresome. And Mika is quite weak – and rather a phony, too – in certain ways. The only guests of real interest are the Dems!! – They should have more of them!!
    Jonella in the Boondocks of Upstate New York!!

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  7. 4 hours is really too much for any show i think. But some people people definitely loved it.

  8. Jonella, you got it! Right on the money. Comcast wants to move the station to the right. All news shows now stink, with the occasional exception of Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnel.

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