A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words…But Only If You Understand the Lingo…

The Daily Caller’s Derek Hunter erects a straw man and then burns it down

After a rally on Capitol Hill opposing President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, MSNBC political correspondent Kasie Hunt tweeted a picture by the Associated Press of one rally speaker, Donald Trump, waving to the crowd.

The moment the picture was snapped Trump’s arm was extended straight. Security personnel were surrounding Trump, and rally-goers and journalists were snapping photos of the Republican presidential candidate. Hunt tweeted the photo with the caption, “This @AP photo of Donald Trump at the US Capitol today says everything.”

No straw men yet…but then…

Many people took the tweet as comparing Trump with his arm extended to Adolf Hitler’s “heil” salute.

Wellll…so what? What’s that have to do with Hunt?

But Hunter wasn’t finished. The headline is the strawman…

MSNBC Correspondent: Photo Of Trump Making Hitler-Like Gesture ‘Says Everything’

Geeze Hunter…

She tweets an AP photo of Trump being mobbed by fans and a press corps in a tizzy shoving cameras at him at the Capital, a three ring circus…something we’ve been forced to live through for months of Trump-mania…and you seriously think this has to do with a Nazi salute?

Apparently a lot of stupid people on her Twitter feed jumped to the same boneheaded conclusion, so Hunter wasn’t alone.

Doesn’t make any of them right though…


8 Responses to “A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words…But Only If You Understand the Lingo…”

  1. When she was asked to explain “what exactly does it mean?” She didn’t answer. If it wasn’t what people interpreted it to be why wouldn’t she clarify?

    Kasie is a bad reporter, IMO, and after watching her numerous times on NBC and MSNBC I believe those folks had their interpretation correct about what she meant. Kristin Welker (another political reporter) does a much better job. IMO

  2. I think the question is, “What is the ‘everything’ that she thinks the picture says?”

    Why give her the benefit of the doubt, when she should be able to explain her statement easily enough.

  3. Why not give her the benefit of the doubt? Which is the more likely explanation just based on the picture. It takes more imagination to conjur up the Nazi salute angle than to take the photo at face value.

  4. No benefit of the doubt from me. She was asked to explain her meaning-she declined to do so-so I can therefore go anywhere I want with my thoughts about what she meant.

  5. I think I’ll sit in the middle and give her nothing. No BoD and no assumptions. She needs to clarify her comment. Until then, she’s not doing herself or her employer any favors.

  6. She doesn’t owe anyone a clarification. If she had a history of putting out tweets needling the GOP candidates, yeah…then she would. But she doesn’t have that record so she does deserve the benefit of the doubt.

  7. Wipam sounds like a daily caller troll. This is another neo-fascist mountain from a clod of dirt.

  8. Nope, don’t read Daily Caller. It’s not worth my time.

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