CNN’s Trump-mania

The Wrap’s Jordan Chariton writes about a CNN Town Hall meeting today…

At a network town hall on Thursday, producers complained about the obsessive coverage the network has given the GOP frontrunner, including airing full campaign rallies and an endless amount of segments dedicated to Trump.

One producer expressed concern that the network, as TheWrap first reported, bumped an Anderson Cooper special on the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina last month to air a post-Trump-rally hour hosted by Don Lemon.

On overall Trump coverage, Zucker simply responded “we are not perfect,” the insider said. Responding specifically to the pre-empting of Cooper’s Katrina special, Zucker pointed to the fact that Cooper was on vacation when the special was scheduled to air.


3 Responses to “CNN’s Trump-mania”

  1. Grandpa Dave Says:

    It’s not just CNN. All the cable news channels are giving an inordinate amount of time to Trump. It’s hard to figure why without getting conspiratorial.

  2. “It’s hard to figure why without getting conspiratorial.”

    ^^Not hard to figure out at all.

    Trump is ratings gold to all cable news networks – no matter what political persuasion they have. You just make his crazy statements fit your particular spin. It doesn’t really matter what he says; only that he says something controversial – and thus newsworthy – every single day…without fail. No politician has ever done that before.

  3. Meanwhile, Al Jazeera has been covering the largely forgotten Yemen war and Russia’s growing involvement in Syria extensively. In the last few days, the BBC managed to speak to Yazidi women who escaped Isis who were with Kayla Mueller, reported from Latakia, one of last few places in Syria that haven’t fallen to Isis or other Islamists, and learned Isis has been using mustard gas. Where was CNN?

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