Survey Says….

ICN has been informed of a new NBC News: VIPs survey. These things usually are not very informative because they frequently center around advertiser recognition and standing. However, every once in a while a survey comes out that’s genuine gold dust. Such is the case here.


This survey is all about CNBC’s On The Money program. The show airs on CNBC and is also syndicated across the country. NBC appears to be doing a full assessment of the show. It wants to know everything from the viewer’s opinion of the content to whether the viewer knows that the show recently changed timeslots.

But it doesn’t stop there. The survey is also very curious to know what the viewer thinks of host Becky Quick…


And it’s not being very subtle about it…


Ouch. This is the first survey I’ve heard of where it asks if the viewer can recognize the host…

5 Responses to “Survey Says….”

  1. Sorry, but Becky Quick is just a boring TV host. On Squawk Box in the morning she is mostly just a seat filler. Personally, I think Michelle Caruso-Cabrera (sp?) is a much better host.

    Who even knew she hosted this show?

  2. I knew…

  3. When I used to get CNN International surveys frequently and filled them out, they would occasionally do the same questions asking me to identify anchors/correspondents to their pictures. It was most notable around 2008 when Katherine Green came in and soon remade the channel into more appointment to view US-style shows like “Quest Means Business” and “The International Desk with Hala Gorani.” So this isn’t unprecedented. My guess is they’re taking the temperature to see how much equity is in Becky Quick as a personality and brand and whether or not they should emphasize her more or not in “On the Money” or perhaps her own show.

  4. ^^it’s your 2nd job gig (you have a cable news blog after all) so I would expect you to know.

  5. Well I wrote about it when it was announced and you read the blog so I would expect you to know too…

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