Trouble At Bloomberg TV? Or Much Ado About Nothing?

I’m not sure how to read this. The New York Post’s Kevin Dugan writes about “trouble” at Bloomberg TV…(via J$)

Bloomberg LP’s cable business network lost an executive producer this week, the latest in a string of at least 11 departures during an especially tumultuous time at the media company.

Allison Girvin, an executive producer for morning show “Market Day,” left Bloomberg on Thursday to take a job at NBC, sources said.
Girvin was handpicked by Claudia Milne, who led Bloomberg’s TV operations in the US for little more than a year before she was pushed aside and given a “special projects” role by founder and CEO Mike Bloomberg.

Bloomberg, which charges $24,000 a year for its financial data terminals, went through one of its biggest layoffs ever last week when it cut 80 editorial staffers around the globe.

Milne was removed from her position after a public spat with Bloomberg and had been “walking around like a chicken with her head cut off,” one insider told The Post.

It sounds bad but I’m just not sure it’s as bad as it sounds…


One Response to “Trouble At Bloomberg TV? Or Much Ado About Nothing?”

  1. “It sounds bad but I’m just not sure it’s as bad as it sounds…”

    ^^It sounds like the normal to and fro at any TV network. Employees, even EP’s, are hired and leave cable nets every day for whatever reason; and layoffs happen all the time at cable news nets.

    I understand why the NY Post and J$ would want to paint this as “trouble” at Bloomberg TV; but it’s just not – at least not yet.

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