CNN GOP Debate: Your Reactions

Post your reactions to CNN’s GOP debate, and the coverage thereof, here. That’s if you’re watching of course. I’m not…


3 Responses to “CNN GOP Debate: Your Reactions”

  1. Grandpa Dave Says:

    My wife and I watched for about 25 minutes. That was all we could take. It was that bad. Did Hewitt or Bash ever get to say anything?

  2. I guess none of our regulars bothered to watch the debate – I know I didn’t.

    Since there is no current FFA I’ll use this post to ask the question: What’s up with Steve Kornacki? This is the 4th week in a row he hasn’t hosted his weekend shows and yet he’s appearing all over MSNBC on weekdays; so he’s not on vacation. He’s also recently lost half his Sunday show to Al Sharpton.

    I wonder if he’s being groomed for a PT or pre PT slot on the network; maybe the one now occupied by the much maligned Chris Hayes? I can’t see MSNBC giving him a dayside show, as reading the latest news cycle stories on the teleprompter is a huge waste of his talents.

    There also has been zero stories in the media, that I can find, about where he might end up. Time will tell I guess

  3. So, the UK broadcasting regulator found Fox was in breach of the following rule:
    Factual programmes or items or portrayal of factual matters must not materially mislead the audience.
    And here’s an interesting line:
    We also noted that the Licensee said that the trust viewers would have placed in the Programme would have been lower than “afforded […] to more traditional staples of UK current affairs”. Ofcom acknowledged that the audience may have had a different, and lower, expectation of the Programme compared to other current affairs programmes given the nature of the Justice with Jeanine Pirro series.

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