MSNBC’s Papal Coverage Plans

MSNBC announced its coverage plans for the Pope’s trip to the U.S.


Brian Williams Leads Coverage with Team of MSNBC and NBC News Journalists Beginning on Tuesday, September 22

Chris Matthews Anchors Live from Philadelphia September 26-27

September 21, 2015—MSNBC will present live special coverage of Pope Francis’ visit to the United States and Cuba beginning on Tuesday, September 22 anchored by Brian Williams. Williams will be joined by Kate Snow, Chuck Todd, Steve Kornacki, Andrea Mitchell, Kasie Hunt and other NBC News journalists and contributors to give historical perspective and political context to this historic Papal visit. Chris Matthews will also anchor live from Philadelphia beginning on Friday, September 25 ahead of the Pope’s masses and events which will take place throughout the weekend.

As previously announced by NBC News, below is the location of all NBC News correspondents who will contribute to MSNBC’s live coverage including:

NBC News Correspondent Anne Thompson will travel with the Holy Father on the Papal plane throughout his trip from Rome to Cuba, the U.S., and back.

NBC News Rome Correspondent Claudio Lavanga will report from Cuba and throughout the stops in the United States.

NBC News Justice Correspondent Pete Williams and NBC News Correspondent Stephanie Gosk will cover the latest security issues and concerns as the Pope travels along the East Coast.

NBC News National Correspondent Miguel Almaguer will join a group of pilgrims in New York and Philadelphia.

NBC News Contributor Maria Shriver will provide observations and analysis for TODAY and “Meet the Press.”

Chuck Todd, Moderator of “Meet the Press” and NBC News Political Director, Andrea Mitchell, Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent and Tom Brokaw, NBC News Special Correspondent, will provide analysis.

Correspondents Peter Alexander, Chris Jansing, Kelly O’Donnell, Tom Costello, Rehema Ellis, Ron Mott and Luke Russert will also contribute to Papal coverage across the NBC News platforms.


4 Responses to “MSNBC’s Papal Coverage Plans”

  1. Interesting that Steve Kornacki will be working the Pope’s visit and is named and not just one of the “other NBC News journalists”

  2. This will be a nice change from MSNBC’s Headline News format which is painfully boring.

  3. “This will be a nice change from MSNBC’s Headline News format which is painfully boring.”

    ^^ All Headline News formats are painfully boring. That’s why they are the last resort of cable news nets.

  4. Kate Snow needs to anchor MSNBC late nights because she puts me right to sleep.

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