Full Circle…

Newscast Studio’s Dak Dillon writes about some branding changes to MSNBC dayside…something old time MSNBC viewers will find very familiar…

Remember “NewsNation with Tamron Hall?” Well, if you’re a regular viewer of MSNBC, you probably do.

Thanks to a host of changes hitting the network, shows like this are becoming a thing of the past during the dayside hours, as the network works to unbrand everything, opting instead for “MSNBC Live.”

It’s almost like an attraction at a theme park, “MSNBC Live!” It’s the live show you have to sit through between the start and finish.

This strategy, of course, is similar to CNN’s “Newsroom,” or Fox’s “America’s Newsroom.”

MSNBC is moving away from talent, putting the emphasis on stories, allowing them to sub talent in as needed, such as Brian Williams during breaking news events.


3 Responses to “Full Circle…”

  1. I noted this change in show branding here this morning and also noted the only two dayside/early evening shows that aren’t MSNBC Live now are Andrea Mitchells show and Chuck Todd’s show. Nice to see someone else noticed.

  2. I noticed too during Tamron Hall’s hour the graphics were msnbc live blue instead of the old gray News Nation ones.

  3. More show branding tonight as Steve Kornacki is subbing for Maddow. Except for quick (1-3 second) bursts at segment breaks the TRMS and Rachel Maddow Show logos have been replaced by MSNBC Live logos. I have no idea why they are doing this but it’s very odd.

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