MSNBC Changes…

TVNewser’s Chris Ariens writes about changes to MSNBC weekends…

Steve Kornacki is leaving weekends behind and moving to a larger role on MSNBC’s dayside, TVNewser has learned.

Kornacki, who has hosted the two-hour weekend morning show Up for the last two-and-a-half years, will anchor MTP Daily on Mondays, giving Chuck Todd at least one day off a week. Kornacki is also expected to take on a larger role as a political analyst during MSNBC’s daytime coverage of live, breaking news leading up to the election.

In a few weeks, Alex Wagner, who hosted a daily show on MSNBC until a programming shake-up in August, will take over as the host of a new weekend show to replace Up.

As I said on Twitter this afternoon…the more things change the more they stay the same…


2 Responses to “MSNBC Changes…”

  1. Even though he is a liberal, I’ve found Kornacki to be pretty fair on Up and when he’s filled in on Hardball. He’ll be good on MTP Daily and I don’t think this’ll be like when Ed Schultz was hosting 1600 Penn Ave at the end of that show six years ago.

    On the other hand, Wagner sucks.

  2. I’ve been posting here, for weeks, about Kornacki’s absence from Up With SK and speculating his days on the show were ending so this is no surprise for me.

    I’ll miss him on weekends as it was one of the few shows I watched on the network these days. Hopefully they won’t waste his talents reporting on the latest storm coverage or mass shooting.

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