Olbermann Back to MSNBC?

Mediaite’s Joe Concha, who must surely have NBC in full leak investigation mode by now with the way he’s been able to break scoop after scoop recently, writes that Andrew Lack is going to meet with Keith Olbermann. Somewhere, Robert Cox is on his knees saying “Please-please-please-please”

So with all of that said, a well-placed source now informs me that a meeting has been set between Olbermann and Lack to discuss his return to the network and his old 8:00 PM slot. This arrangement was something that Mediaite’s Andrew Kirell first wrote about as a rumor in July; when asked for comment, a network executive with knowledge close to the situation tells me, “It is patently untrue.”

It’s not impossible. It does seem rather implausible with Phil Griffin still running the network. But stranger things have happened. If ESPN can bring him back…MSNBC can too.

But if he comes back and leads off with “As I was saying…” one more time I’m going to throw a brick through…welll…someone’s TV…

5 Responses to “Olbermann Back to MSNBC?”

  1. I still think HBO is a more likely landing spot for KO but a return to MSNBC would be my second guess as there’s an obvious place(Chris Hayes’s timeslot) for him to take over.

    I expect money, contract length and editorial freedom will be the sticking points with both networks.

  2. Concha is on fire.

  3. Interesting writeup in The Wrap today: http://www.thewrap.com/msnbcs-hard-news-makeover-boosting-viewership-shrinking-younger-demo/

    Since tacking back to hard news in its 1-5 p.m. block, network is up double digits in total viewers, down the same in 25-54 demo

    I didn’t realize that Thomas Roberts Live show is still struggling 6 months later.

  4. Have no problem with KO….will be angry if they boot Chris Hayes!

  5. Erica Hill hosting in Al Sharpton’s old timeslot this evening. I hadn’t realized she was back in the MSNBC fold but it’s nice to see her return to MSNBC.

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