Wayne Simmons; non-CIA Employee…

The Washington Post’s Matt Zapotosky writes about Wayne Simmons, who made occasional appearances on TV, being arrested and charged with falsely claiming a past association with the CIA and other things…

Wayne Simmons claimed to be something of an American James Bond. On his Web site and in official, government documents, he wrote that he was part of the CIA’s “outside paramilitary special operations group,” and that he spearheaded deep cover operations against some of the world’s most dangerous drug cartels and smugglers.

His claims won him frequent commenting gigs on Fox News and government contracting jobs overseas. He even wrote a novel — a spy thriller that seemed to have been drawn from his work.

But according to federal prosecutors, much of it was a lie. In an indictment unsealed Thursday, they said Simmons’s claim that he worked for the CIA for 27 years was false. He was arrested and charged with false statements, major fraud against the U.S. and wire fraud.

Obviously, the media is going to focus on the FNC angle…and FNC knows it. The Huffington Post’s Ryan J. Reilly writes in part about FNC reacting to this story…

In a radio interview with Brian Kilmeade earlier this year, Simmons — who was identified as a Fox News contributor — said the Obama administration is the worst the country will ever know. But a Fox News spokesperson told The Huffington Post that “Kilmeade falsely identified Simmons as a contributor in April,” and said that Simmons “was a guest only and is not a paid commentator for the network, nor has he ever been.”

For me the big question isn’t why he showed up on FNC’s air without being properly vetted. Stuff happens and networks can’t check into every detail regarding guests (though this is a pretty big detail). My big question is why it took the Justice Department this long to catch on and charge him?


One Response to “Wayne Simmons; non-CIA Employee…”

  1. Hard to blame FNC when the guy’s lies “won him…government contracting jobs overseas”.

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