Working For a Living…Working!

When I heard about Melissa Harris-Perry’s ludicrous PC out of control commentary on the term “hard worker” I just rolled my eyes but that’s about all I wanted to do. The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple does considerably more…he goes through Marissa Harris Perry’s past brushes with the term “hard worker”…

In none of those instances did Harris-Perry uncork any lectures about the historical context of hard work or hard workers. Perhaps that’s because those discussions didn’t fit into the framework of “relative privilege,” which the host cited as the trigger for her outburst against Aguilar. Some clarification on just when guests on Harris-Perry’s show may reference hard workers appears to be in order, given the vague parameters laid out by the host. Yesterday this blog contacted MSNBC in search of an interview with Harris-Perry but was rebuffed. No comment.

Until we get further word, we’ll have to trust the record: When folks who share Harris-Perry’s ideology reference hard work, they’re fine. When a guy who doesn’t share Harris-Perry’s ideology references a top Republican’s hard work, he’s not so fine. “I think she saw me as the conservative on the panel and she let me have it,” Aguilar told this blog.


One Response to “Working For a Living…Working!”

  1. I’m no fan of MH-P so I too roll my eyes when I hear about her making some stupid comment. But Wemple’s rant is just about as ridiculous as MH-P’s.

    Surly the WP’s media critic has better things to comment on than a overly politically correct hosts silly remark; even one as stupid as MH-P’s.

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