Elisabeth Hasselbeck to leave FNC..

Variety’s Brian Steinberg writes that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is leaving Fox and Friends and FNC by the end of the year…

Hasselbeck, who joined Fox News in 2013 after nearly a decade at ABC’s “The View,” is putting her TV career on hold to devote more time to raising her three children, the network said.

A rotating set of co-hosts will serve alongside Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade for the foreseeable future. Hasselbeck is expected to continue on air until late December.

“Elisabeth and I discussed this at length over several weeks, and while I would love for her to continue here, I respect her incredibly difficult, yet deeply personal decision,” said Roger Ailes, chairman and chief executive of Fox News Channel, in prepared remarks. “She has been a great addition to the Fox & Friends franchise.”

Good for her. Family should always come first when possible.

6 Responses to “Elisabeth Hasselbeck to leave FNC..”

  1. There’s no question it should be Ainsley.
    She’s the right age, she has the most experience, she can do hard news and the light stuff, she has the perfect personality for a morning show and she now is a new mom, which can’t be underestimated as a factor in the Fox target audience. The question is if she will want it since she is very proud of F&FF but there’s no doubt Ainsley is the best candidate.

  2. Every fanboy thinks their girl is no doubt the best candidate.

    If Ainsley can do hard news, why has she never filled in at 9am or on Happening Now?

  3. Look, you worship Amy Robach, which is fine, so don’t talk to me about being a fan boy, a$$hole.
    Ainsley has hosted ANHQ and Fox Report before. She has also gone on the road a lot to report on breaking news. It’s not like Hasselbeck had any hard news credentials.

  4. “It’s not like Hasselbeck had any hard news credentials.”

    ^^Well she was a host on “The View”. 🙂

  5. bushleaguer Says:

    Not my first choice, but I’m guessing that Kimberly Guilfoyle will be the winner.

  6. Good riddance, Elizabeth. Have fun with your kiddies. That suits you much better. You are a better mom that a hateful news announcer. Best of luck.

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