Worldwide Exchange Comes to the USA

I missed this news but it has ramifications here. News on News writes that CNBC International’s (yes that’s a new name but this suggests it could happen) Worldwide Exchange has come to Englewood Cliffs…

Current host Wilfred Frost is heading stateside to remain at the helm, and will be joined by Sara Eisen in Englewood Cliffs.

The move will mean that the programme will no longer fall under the remit of CNBC’s London headquarters to produce, and further cuts back the number of live television hours produced by CNBC EMEA in London.

In addition to Frost, Susan Li is also headed to the USA though it’s not clear where she’ll land at CNBC. She was part of Worldwide Exchange before the move and it’s not clear to me whether that’s still the case or she’s headed to another show.

I’ll be @CNBC NYC starting in mid-January

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