What the heck?

Mediaite’s Jon Nicosia scoops about a bizarre job posting for MSNBC…

If you are MSNBC Host Chris Hayes, a recent job posting from NBC Universal has got to make you more than a little anxious. The network posted a job opening on 1/15 presumably looking for a senior producer for the Rachel Maddow Show. That, in and of itself, would hardly raise eyebrows. But it’s when you actually open the posting, and see the primary responsibility for the position that the news emerges:

“Responsible for creating, producing and supervising segments for a new MSNBC Primetime show.”

Nicosia goes on to speculate…logically…that his means MSNBC is planning on cancelling Chris Hayes show…though at this point I’d characterize it as Euthanasia.

This seems like the sort of posting that is both honest and inadvertently revealing. If you are MSNBC looking to hire a senior producer for a new show that you aren’t yet prepared to announce but also want to let prospective candidates know that it’s a big, creative position you might very well bury it in a Rachel Maddow job posting.

I totally disagree. If this isn’t a mistake in the rec’s job description, and for MSNBC’s sake I hope it is a mistake, this is an unmitigated PR disaster. This is atypical network behavior. No network announces a lineup shakeup this way…not intentionally anyways.

The first thing you do is announce the new host/show. Then you line up the people to staff it. This is ass backwards…the tail wagging the dog. And it’s not something you do publicly this way under any circumstance. Not deliberately anyways. The reason you don’t do it will become all too clear in the next few days as MSNBC is forced to either deny that Hayes’ show (or anyone else’s show) is done or confirm that someone’s show is done whereupon MSNBC must next field uncomfortable questions about why they chose to do it this way and whether the host who is about to lose their show was told beforehand or not.

It is precisely because this looks all wrong and isn’t how things are done that I’m still thinking this may all be some sort of clerical error. But we’ll find out soon enough…

Update: The rec has been changed and the new primetime show part has been removed.

2 Responses to “What the heck?”

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  2. If All In has survived this long, I don’t see them cancelling it now… especially since the show just won an Emmy a couple months ago. Mediaite has been reporting on Hayes’ imminent departure for two years and it just hasn’t happened.

    Maybe they’re looking at options for 6pm. I hope so anyway. With All Due Respect is terrible.

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