And now…Jose Diaz-Balart vs. MSNBC…?

Politico’s Hadas Gold sheds new light on the Jose Diaz-Balart/MSNBC situation…

“When I read the initial article from the New York Times, you basically replace Melissa’s name with Jose (Diaz-Balart’s) name and it’s almost the identical situation, where we don’t really get told anything,” said a high ranking MSNBC staffer.

Diaz-Balart, host of “The Rundown”, has also seen his show preempted regularly for political news for more than a month. MSNBC has decided to go “all in” on politics, moving nearly their entire show line ups to air from the primary states. According to a source with knowledge of the arrangements, though Diaz-Balart has been in several of the early states, he has not been regularly broadcasting his show.

Diaz-Balart is also a Telemundo news anchor, meaning that there must be coordination between the two channels. But at least one source with knowledge of the situation said that there hasn’t been an attempt to coordinate between the two networks (both owned by NBCUniversal) so that Diaz-Balart could host from some of the early primary states he was already located in, such as Texas. Diaz-Balart also anchors “NBC Nightly News” on Saturdays.

The source described Diaz-Balart as “deeply frustrated,” and said he has emailed MSNBC executives about hosting from primary coverage plans and has received no response. (Diaz-Balart did host from Nevada, where he was also co-hosting an MSNBC town hall with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, and had a week where he was in Mexico covering the pope for Telemundo).

“It’s one thing to make decision to change a tactic it’s another thing to not properly communicate to their staff and explain why they’re not a part of it,” said the high-ranking staffer.

Oh boy…

The Harris-Perry thing I can kind of understand from MSNBC’s perspective because her show didn’t fit what the network was doing with the primaries and the one time she was on the road in Iowa it didn’t go over too well. But Diaz-Balart is a newsman. This is right in his wheelhouse…


3 Responses to “And now…Jose Diaz-Balart vs. MSNBC…?”

  1. “But Diaz-Balart is a newsman. This is right in his wheelhouse…”

    ^^Maybe; but his focus is on the Hispanic community and almost every topic is seen through that lens. When you get to other political topics his performance is not all that great. That being said; when the race gets to Florida I expect we’ll see him back in the host chair – at least for a week. And I also imagine he’ll be a major pundit, on other shows, when Hispanic topics are discussed.

  2. Timing is everything.
    It’s obvious that as MSNBC has begun a slow move to the Right during this election period…… they are using their influence to manipulate or deflate a Liberal perspective that was available to Hispanics…. knowing full well how important the Hispanic vote is.
    They can’t provide a positive non-racist Republican message to Hispanics because it doesn’t exist. They can however, eliminate a positive Liberal message.

  3. “It’s obvious that as MSNBC has begun a slow move to the Right during this election period…… They can however,

    ^^I doubt eliminating a “positive Liberal message” and moving to the right are the reasons that JD-B is not on air more. MSNBC is still a left leaning network but it seems to be concentrating less on political social and cultural issues, like race, and more on the horse race and political process stories. Those not good at that job, like JB-D are shunted aside.

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