And The MSNBC Purge Continues…

The latest victim? Alex Wagner. CNN’s Dylan Byers writes

MSNBC had announced in October that Wagner would be given a new weekend show this year. However, network sources said that NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack decided earlier this year to cancel plans for Wagner’s show. An NBC News/MSNBC spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment regarding that decision.

Basically Wagner got Norah O’Donnell’d. I do not expect to see much of her at MSNBC going forward and there will some kind of separation between the two.

The revelation that Wagner’s show won’t be going forward was the latest in a string of controversial programming decisions at MSNBC that have come to light in recent days.

Jeeze Byers…Hype much? The only thing controversial that happened in recent days was the Napalm Bomb Melissa Harris-Perry tossed on her bridge with the network. Everything else that’s happened would fall into the realm of “run of the mill programming changes”.

Controversial my ass. The only thing controversial is your need to hype a story that doesn’t require it. It sells itself.


4 Responses to “And The MSNBC Purge Continues…”

  1. My guess is that any Dayside/weekend programming changes made at MSNBC over the next year; will be subject to revision once the election is over.

    As to how the network will look at that time – who knows. You can make a few educated guesses, like Rachel Maddow, Steve Kornacki, Chuck Todd, Joe Scarborough and maybe a dayside/weekend regular like Alex Witt or Tamron Hall will have shows.

    Programs like ‘Andrea Mitchell Reports’, ‘Hardball’, and ‘TLW with LOD’ may be there: but Mitchell and Matthews are approaching, or well past, retirement age and may decide to leave – or be pushed to do so – and who knows when LOD will decide he tired of the weeknight grind.

    What happens to Chris Hayes, and dayside hosts like Thomas Roberts, Kate Snow, and other generic news readers is certainly a question mark at this time. Hayes, in particular, appears to have nine lives and may still be around, maybe in a different role or time slot, after all the dust has settled.

    There will be a number of slots to fill as we have likely seen the last of, not only MHP, but also Sharpton and JD-B. ‘With all Due Respect’ is also unlikely to continue on past next January at the network, as it is not an in house production, but you could see H&H getting a similar style show on MSNBC if Bloomberg decides to move on after the election.

    Lastly there is the question of what to do with Brian Williams. Do you keep him in his current role as part time “Breaking News” host; give him his own show on MSNBC; move him over to NBC in some role or buy him out and move on. No one knows the answer to that question; and that answer, and how Andy Lack wants to format the network post election,are the keys to what the future is for many of MSNBC’s current hosts.

  2. What Spud said…

  3. seboise Says:

    Byers has become a CNN cheerleader and an MSNBC missile – and his credibility is disappearing quickly.

  4. I’m with fritz3 except I don’t think they’ll let Williams go unless it’s back to NBC. At this point I think MSNBC should go all in *cough* and put Williams at the 8pm slot, giving Hayes the boot. Conventional thinking would say keep Hayes until after the election, but the truth is he won’t be missed.

    PS: Whatever happened with re-hiring Keith Olbermann?

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