More MHP…

The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple pays a tribute of sorts to Melissa Harris-Perry…

“Nerdland” was an appropriate descriptor for the programming that the host put forward each weekend. If the face-offs between Democratic presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton raised questions about the meaning of progressivism and capitalism, Harris-Perry and a slew of very smart guests were going to explore each one. If the water crisis in Flint, Mich., raised questions about race and U.S. infrastructure, likewise. If the San Bernardino massacre raised questions about the approriateness of prayer in public life, likewise. If the makeup of Stephen Colbert’s staff at CBS’s “Late Show” raises questions about race and comedy in the United States, likewise.

Here was a show addicted to substance. The notion, too, that “MHP” had to be preempted to cover the 2016 presidential race is a touch silly considering that the show did plenty such work, though perhaps not in the “polls-polls-polls!” spirit of the Fox News-CNN-MSNBC axis.

And there’s this…

To finish with an apology: This blog has covered Harris-Perry primarily by highlighting her show’s less glorious moments, which is an unfortunate tendency in this media-criticism racket. Herewith a resolution to highlight the good stuff now and then.


4 Responses to “More MHP…”

  1. MHP is a host, like many before her, that was hired to host a ’boutique’ program, that is one that has a small but distinct audience, on MSNBC. Others, that could be classed, in the same category are Al Sharpton, Alec Baldwin, Ed Schultz, J.J. Ramberg (Your Business) and even Don Imus. Only the non-controversial Ramberg remains.

    Other cable news nets occasionally have ’boutique’ shows (Fareed Zakaria at CNN or Glenn Beck at FNC), usually based on business or entertainment, but I think MSNBC has the most history in using the format on their network.

    Whether MHP deserved a better ending is debatable. Many ’boutique’ shows end in controversy and the host unhappy at what happened. It goes with the territory.

  2. IMHO….she wanted off her show for some reason and went the KO way.

    Her show was going to be on this weekend……so she gave up a good gig because her show was off the air for 2 weeks? Yea….NO.

    Or heck maybe MSNBC wanted to get rid of her and figured she might go KO on them.

    If you work for a news network and don’t understand that your show might be pre-empted for other news…….you didn’t earn your spot.

  3. speedking70 Says:

    Her Twitter feed today is more MHP of Arc, basically shutting the door for future employment in TV. Unlike academia, ain’t no tenure in TV land can save ya.

  4. News today that MHP has refused to sign a NDA (gag order) and is leaving money on the table so she can speak her mind. This could now really get messy as other MSNBC hosts, particularly AA hosts, get asked to comment on the situation.

    Pros like Tamron Hall will probably avoid this mess like the plague; but it will be really difficult for a black activist like Al Sharpton to get away without taking sides. This could get interesting.

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