MHP vs Phil Griffin: Dirty Laundry…

The New York Times’ John Koblin has reaction from both sides…and some dirty laundry…

She contrasted that with a scene from a few weeks ago shortly before the South Carolina primary. She said she was watching the network as Kate Snow, Steve Kornacki and Ari Melber had a lengthy discussion about black voters in South Carolina. She was sitting in the building, ready to go on the air if she was needed. She said that Ms. Miley emailed producers to remind them that both Joy Reid and Ms. Harris-Perry were ready to appear on the air. They never heard anything.

“It was jaw-dropping, given that someone who wrote two books about the black vote was in the building,” said Ms. Harris-Perry, who is also a professor at Wake Forest University.

“I don’t have the words,” she continued. “It didn’t make me feel proud to work there.”

Ms. Miley confirmed that she sent email to producers that day, but said the fact that Ms. Harris-Perry did not go on the air was nothing more than the “ebbs and flows” of cable news, she said.

“I don’t think it was a purposeful intention to silence or not include her in the conversation,” she said.


5 Responses to “MHP vs Phil Griffin: Dirty Laundry…”

  1. This is a distraction for the network at the moment; but I don’t see it as a big deal unless she gets people like Joy Reid or Al Sharpton involved. So far that hasn’t happened and I expect most current MSNBC employees, with the possible exception of Sharpton, will steer will clear of MHP in her dispute with the network. We’ll see.

  2. The changes in MSNBC show no respect for viewers or hosts. MSNBC could be the number one news channel if it would quit trying to be FOX 2. We need real documented news with real reporting not Cheerleaders like FOX has. News has descended into propaganda and half-truths and lies. Our country deserves better. We are getting the GOP candidates that FOX and Citizen’s United created and is a frightening thing to watch!

  3. Huge disappointment with MSNBC which now occurs as the right arm of the Trump organization. Disposing of people of color and great talent like MHP and Jose Diaz-Balart. I’ve stopped watching all morning shows and only tune in for Rachel Maddow and Lawrence.

  4. MSNBC can’t be “real documented news with real reporting.” That costs money Comcast isn’t going to spend on hurting current and prospective advertisers.

  5. Outsider Says:

    For ‘real documented news with real reporting’ to happen on TV in America, you either need to fundamentally change viewers’ preferences or need a proper public broadcaster like the BBC prior to the recent deep funding cuts by the UK conservative govt. None of this will happen. The free market doesn’t work in this industry or music.

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