NBC vs Dish Network…

Welll…it’s been a while since we had someone threatening to black out someone. This time its NBC and Dish Network. The LA Times’ Yvonne Villareal has more

Dish Network subscribers who want to tune in to NBC’s “The Carmichael Show” or the breakout hit “Little Big Shots” might be out of luck this weekend.

A blackout of NBC-owned TV stations and some of NBC Universal’s cable channels is on the horizon for millions of Dish subscribers Sunday if the two companies fail to ink a new carriage contract.

NBC on Monday launched a broad-based messaging campaign to inform the public that Dish could drop its portfolio of networks. The campaign features a website where Dish subscribers can learn more about the dispute, as well as TV commercials, social media alerts, radio spots and text crawls at the bottom of the TV screen that will run during network programming.

Affected channels would include MSNBC and CNBC. I saw an ad on MSNBC this morning telling viewers to call in to Dish and complain. Like that ever works…


3 Responses to “NBC vs Dish Network…”

  1. Grandpa Dave Says:

    Yawn. Just a standard rate negotiation technique.

  2. If MSNBC went off the air would anyone really notice?

  3. So much posturing… It must work for them (both sides?) though, because it seems to happen a lot.

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