Shots Fired…

More Magazine’s Allison Glock interviews Megyn Kelly. Everyone is going to zero in on the part you can’t read online but Page Six got dumped in its lap…(via J$)

While Kelly’s had widespread support during the media war, she admits in More of her colleague Bill O’Reilly, “I do wish that O’Reilly had defended me more in his interview with Trump. I would have defended him more.” The host of “The Kelly File” also says of the Trump conflict: “Honestly? People think I’m fearless. But I’m human.”

And so we see the first real public schism, however small it may be, between Kelly and O’Reilly. In the past we’ve only had 3rd party anonymous anecdotes and inferences drawn from what’s appeared on their respective shows to tell us there was friction, mostly from the O’Reilly side.

This is something else entirely. It’s public and its deliberate. Kelly is big enough and O’Reilly’s remaining shelf life is short enough that even if Roger Ailes doesn’t like tent shooting, he has to tolerate it in this case. Kelly is the future. O’Reilly is the past. If O’Reilly didn’t already know it, he’s going to know it now. Get in line son, this is the new program.


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  1. savefarris Says:

    In other news, will now formally be known as the Hulkamania Network.

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