Addressing A NewsMax TV Rumor…

Earlier this week I posted a rumor I had heard regarding Newsmax TV. I didn’t post it here on the blog but on Twitter in 3 parts.

Part 1

Rumor: Newsmax TV may soon lose DirecTV and Dish Network distribution. The alleged reason? Trouble making payments.

Part 2

Newsmax TV may also be looking to make staffing reductions as the network may alter its format to one emphasizing call-in shows.

Part 3

Newsmax’s highest rated show is Dennis Michael Lynch which averages 8k. But docs can draw double that number.

The reason I’m reposting this here is because I have received a statement from Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy regarding this rumor. Because making Ruddy’s statement fit in with Twitter’s character restriction would be difficult, I am forced to post it here.

Newsmax is not having trouble making its payments to Dish or DirecTV; we are in good standing with both companies.

Additionally Newsmax is not making any unusual staff reductions. We are actually planning to expand our original programming, which will include more interactivity with users via Call-ins, Skype, and other Internet platforms. We expect to be expanding staff, not reducing it.

According to Rentrak, our monthly cume is up to close to 4 million monthly, up from 500,000 monthly 18 months ago, and our advertising revenue has more than tripled in two years.


6 Responses to “Addressing A NewsMax TV Rumor…”

  1. Floyd Johnson Says:

    Upon reading this post, I figure most people’s gut reaction is on the lines of, “Mission 1: Get to the bottom of this ‘divergence’.” >

  2. fritz3 Says:

    “I am forced to post it here”

    ^^Seriously Spud, that’s just sad. This used to be a site I visited many times a day. Now it can be a week between posts. It just seems that if it can’t fit on twitter or a GIF then it’s just not worth discussing anymore.

  3. David Thomas Says:

    Not quite sure what’s true and what isn’t but I do know Newsmax massively laid off a ton of their TV staff in Florida in 2015. I also know that CEO Ruddy was looking for major capital to held keep the TV operation afloat.

    What I would like to know is how many people are actually watching per night. Cume is great but ad buyers don’t purchase cume, they purchase rating. It looks like a lot, if not all, of their commercials are bottom of the barrel direct response ads.

    If the rumors are true about Newsmax having money problems, the first indication will be them dropping distribution they pay for. I am shocked that Rudy actually admitted they pay for distribution to Dish Network and Direct TV.

    Finally, I watched Newsmax TV on FIOS last week and they still broadcast in SD using the same small market hard sets and virtual sets the company used 3 years ago. It looks like they have spent hardly any money on actually making their shows look better and finding brand name talent. But then again, how could they if their capital is going into paying for distribution?

  4. Now it can be a week between posts.

    There just isn’t much going on right now that interests me. It’s all election election election TRUMPCLINTONSANDERS. It’s the worst I’ve ever seen it since I started watching cable news 21 years ago. I’m repulsed and absolutely refuse to “join the circus” and write about cable news as it as completely lost all semblence of self-restraint, perspective, and balance.

    Hopefully things will turn around after the election. If not then I have a decision to make.

    It just seems that if it can’t fit on twitter or a GIF then it’s just not worth discussing anymore.

    It does seem that way doesn’t it? I still prefer to use the blog for blog worthy material because I am…well…verbose…and that just doesn’t work well with Twitter.

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  6. Wish you guys would come back. Truth in media news is scarce I figured Muslim Obama had you cancelled. all other news media borders on brain washing communism.

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