CNN’s Post Election Headache…

Politico’s Alex Weprin writes about what CNN will do once the election gravy train ends…

For starters, CNN is taking one of the lessons it learned from this cycle and figuring out a way to apply it to a slightly less predictable news cycle. CNN’s strategy of booking frequent town halls with the candidates usually delivered strong ratings for the channel. Going forward, it hopes to host more live “events,” including, potentially, more town halls.

“I think you will see us try to do a number of events,” Zucker said. “The town halls all started with the guns town hall that President Obama did in January, that is where the town hall thing began. It doesn’t have to be completely tied to the election. We proved that with the guns town hall, the opiate town hall. I think you will see a lot more programming like that.”

Sadly there was no mention regarding the CNN’s serial abuse of countdown clocks…

3 Responses to “CNN’s Post Election Headache…”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Oh, the countdown clocks! Abuse is the absolute right word.

  2. Will they stop preempting Newsroom Live from Los Angeles? Seems like they made a big deal about moving anchors there for a 9-11 pm Pacific time simulcast of CNNI. I can understand on big election nights, but they are often showing repeats of Don Lemon for no good reason.

  3. How about a townhall about townhalls? Do we need so many?

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