Dish Stops Carrying Newsmax TV…For The Moment…

Following up on this from a few weeks ago TV Predictions’ Phillip Swann writes about a new development in the relationship between Newsmax TV and one of its satellite distributors…

Dish last night dropped the conservative Newsmax TV channel from its lineup, citing a dispute over financial terms.

The channel, which is owned by Newsmax Media, which also runs a news-oriented web site, has been on Dish since June 2014 when it first launched. Unlike most carriage arrangements, Newsmax actually paid Dish to carry it rather than the other way around.

And then there’s this…

Newsmax has yet to issue a comment on the dispute, but it would appear that Dish is either asking the channel for more money, or Newsmax is seeking carriage now without having to pay any fee.

Correction: Attribution changed to reflect the original source of this story. Apologies to TV Predictions. Didn’t know you guys had written it originally.


3 Responses to “Dish Stops Carrying Newsmax TV…For The Moment…”

  1. The article cited here stole my article, word for word:

  2. Ugh. Didn’t know. Fixed.

  3. Direct TV decided to become self appointed censor for political reasons..So are we as Citizens…Were dropping Direct TV !!

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