Touring CNN Airport Network…

I retweeted this within minutes of Airline Reporter first tweeting out David Parker Brown’s article on the tour he got of CNN Airport Network because I follow its feed being a wannabe plane spotter and all. However I forgot about it by the time I got home and never mentioned it here. So thanks to J$ for the reminder tonight…

Because of the audience and viewing location, CNN Airport Network has to think things through a little differently. For people watching TV at home or on their devices, they aren’t too far away from the screen. At the airport, they might be sitting at a distance, so Airport Network makes sure that their font is larger and easily viewable from a distance — things you probably wouldn’t even notice until told (like now).

All the advertisements are done through the Airport Network and not pulled from the main CNN feed. The nice part for the advertisers is they know their audience: travelers. But are people watching?

According to Nielson ratings; yes… a lot. There are 250 million viewers per year and the average viewing time is 52 minutes. That is a lot of time. Most of that is not just people sitting and watching non-stop, but it is one of the many tools that people use for information and entertainment.


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