Shots Fired…

Politico did a podcast with Joe Scarborough. Glenn Thrush writes about it…

Scarborough sees the real culprit of Trump-enabling not at his own desk but at a rival network’s – and he related an off-air conversation with Trump about CNN boss Jeff Zucker that he believes to be revealing, and not in a good way. “He and Zucker are very close. Zucker personally calls Trump,” Scarborough said. “[Zucker] books Trump. “And Trumps laughs and calls Zucker ‘my personal booker’ because Zucker will call Trump. He hasn’t said that publicly, but he’s said it. I’ve said it publicly now. Trump will laugh every time Zucker calls.”

Related: Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher sheds further light on the subject

A source at CNN with direct knowledge tells us that Zucker “personally books all the candidates and big gets, and doles them out to whichever anchor he wants,” adding that individual shows’ producers “are barred from calling our own contacts personally” to book guests like Clinton and Trump.

According to this source, even if a candidate wants to appear on a different show, they are almost always steered to either the network’s Sunday tentpole State of the Union with Jake Tapper, their morning show New Day, or the Anderson Cooper-hosted AC360. “He wants to prop up the Sunday show and the morning show and the 8 pm show,” the source says.

Talk about micromanaging…


One Response to “Shots Fired…”

  1. I PVR and watch MJ almost every day and if your interested in politics it’s really the only option you have in the cable news world, CNN and FNC are pretty much unwatchable – for obvious reasons.

    Taping allows me to see the whole show in about an hour as much of the show is rebroadcast and what’s watchable is usually only about a third to half of the total broadcast.

    I’m not a big fan of the hosts style but I have to admit they are usually way ahead of most pundits in reading what is going on in the election. After all they were among the first to predict Trump could win the nomination and quickly figured out how to play ‘The Donald’ to the benefit of their show.

    Now that the general election is here they have once again been ahead of the curve in knowing Trump’s behavior wouldn’t change and in criticizing his racist comments in a unambiguous way without regard to how it would affect his appearances on their show..

    For the most part CNN and FNC morning show hosts have tried to walk a more balanced tightrope in order to assure Trump will still appear on their shows. Joe and Mika seem unconcerned he has stopped calling in to their program and I think in the long run it will benefit their show.

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