And Still More Carlson…

The Wrap’s Brian Flood interviews Jeanine Pirro and Pirro makes some news… (via J$)

“Justice with Judge Jeanine” said that Carlson never filed a complaint to human resources.

One wonders how Pirro got ahold of that. More to the point, if that’s true why wasn’t it included in Ailes’ original statement since it is relevant…at least optically.


2 Responses to “And Still More Carlson…”

  1. Anyone else find it interesting that ardent Trump supporters Greta and Pirro who were silent when Megyn was attacked have now found their voice when it comes to protecting (some might say kissing up to) Roger Ailes?

    Strange priorities by these two.

  2. […] that commented on Gretchen Carlson’s lawsuit after it was filed save for when Jeanine Piro made news accidentally and Greta Van Susteren’s rather innocuous commentary to Lloyd […]

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