More Carlson/Ailes

New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman has an uncharacteristically tepid piece on the Carlson lawsuit. Oh sure, there’s the usual “Is this curtains for Ailes?” shtick tossed in there…but I was expecting a bit more insidery stuff. We do get this…

According to one highly placed Fox source, Murdoch and his sons, Lachlan and James, approved the hiring of an outside lawyer to conduct the independent investigation. While it’s common for large companies to bring in outside counsel to conduct inquiries during public scandals, the move is a radical one for Murdoch. “Unprecedented,” one former senior executive told me. “It’s not Rupert’s style to investigate internal issues.”

But for me the juiciest part was this…

The New York Times currently has multiple reporters working on the story.

Sulzberger payback?


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