Annnnd…Still More Carlson Lawsuit

The Daily Beast’s Lloyd Grove interviews Greta Van Susteren…

Fiercely impassioned, as though delivering an argument to the jury, the non-practicing criminal defense attorney and former law professor continued: “Historically, I don’t like it when I think somebody is being falsely accused or wronged. I’m an old criminal defense attorney. This one’s wrong, based on my experience. The facts I know are that this is not the Roger Ailes I’ve ever heard about or seen.”

Van Susteren added: “People talk. You hear a lot, and I never heard this. Frankly, I’ve got to tell you. You know me. I’m pretty bold. If I heard that, I’d probably say something to Roger. I haven’t anything to lose. If I didn’t do this I’d go teach at law school. I’m not a wilting flower.” Neither, presumably, is Fox News personality Jeanine Pirro, a fellow lawyer who also started prosecuting the pro-Ailes case on Thursday.


2 Responses to “Annnnd…Still More Carlson Lawsuit”

  1. As a Roger Ailes sycophant who never misses an opportunity to try to save her underperforming FNC show by ingratiating herself with Roger Ailes, is anyone truly surprised at Greta’s comments?

  2. […] after it was filed save for when Jeanine Piro made news accidentally and Greta Van Susteren’s rather innocuous commentary to Lloyd […]

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