Carlson vs. Ailes: Legal Maneuverings…

Well that was fast. I didn’t expect to read about court issues for a while but Variety’s Brian Steinberg writes about legal maneuverings in the court case… (via J$)

Attorneys for Ailes on Friday cited violations of clauses in Carlson’s contract, according to this person, which call for any conflict she had with her employer to be raised confidentially and brought to arbitration. Additionally, the lawyers said New Jersey was not a proper jurisdiction for the case, as Ailes – who owns a home in the state – lives predominantly in Garrison, N.Y. The case, the attorneys said, would have to be filed in federal court because Carlson lives in Greenwich, Conn., and the federal system would be appropriate for two people from different states.

Now I’m no lawyer…though I did stay in a Holiday Inn one night…

…sorry…I’ve always wanted to use that line…


If Carlson’s contract with FNC is over how can FNC force her into arbitration as stipulated by the contract? I’m not clear on that point. Someone help me out here.


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